Interreg Sudoe - Programme Sudoe Interreg

Priority axis 1

Priority axis 1


Research and innovation

Promoting research, technological development, and innovation

The priority axis 1, Research and innovation, is one of the five priority axis of the Interreg Sudoe Programme


To correct the imbalances between regions in Southwest Europe in terms of investment in research and innovation and to strengthen the networks in sectors of excellence.


  1. Strengthening the synergic and networking cooperation of R+i at a transnational level in the specific Sudoe sectors as from smart specialisation.
  2. Developing dissemination of applied research related to key enabling technologies (KETs).

Type of projects

  • Creation or consolidation of collaboration platforms.
  • Increasing participation in European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) and European Technological Platforms (ETP).
  • Coordination between the regional smart specialisation strategies.
  • Developing models for transferring technology.
  • Consolidation of value chains in the field of KETs.
  • Developing pilot actions and multi-KET demonstration projects.
  • Dissemination of KET technologies at a company level and other R&D+i Infrastructure.
  • Application of innovation in order to improve environmental protection.


Universities, research centres, technological centres, science and technology parks, clusters and other business associations, SMEs and governmental and regional institutions related to R&D+i.

Percentage of the total budget


52.6 million Euros


  Research and innovation




  Competitiveness of SMEs



  Low-carbon economy



  Combating climate change



  Environment and resource efficiency