Interreg Sudoe - Programme Sudoe Interreg

Priority axis 4

Priority axis 4


Combating climate change

Prevent and manage risks more efficiently 

The priority axis 4, Combating climate change, is one of the five priority axes of the Interreg Sudoe Programme


Because the geographical characteristics of the Sudoe space, whose territory faces natural risks already present and other potential risks resulting from the impact of climate change. These risks are associated with the scarcity of water resources and high variability of rainfall, which favours the intensification of drought conditions, desertification, soil erosion, forest fires and flooding.


Improving the coordination and effectiveness of prevention, disasters management and rehabilitation tools of damaged areas.

Types of projects

  • Development of common emergency plans.
  • Implementing early warning systems.
  • Development of transnational risk management tools.
  • Creation of tools and methodologies for the regeneration of soil damaged by natural disasters.


Public bodies, research institutions and business associations or companies specialising in the sectors most affected by the main natural or technological risks.

Percentage of the total budget


17.08 million Euros


  Research and innovation




  Competitiveness of SMEs



  Low-carbon economy



  Combating climate change



  Environment and resource efficiency