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Find partners (CoopSudoe)

Find partners (CoopSudoe)

Are you looking for partners to present your project idea? Would you like to join a partnership?

CoopSudoe search engine is the right tool for you!

    CoopSudoe allows you to find a partner to complete the consortium of your project idea. To do so, simply fill in the form "I am looking for partners to complete the consortium of my project idea" and explain your project idea.
  CoopSudoe offers you the possibility of sharing your experience in order to create a consortium. In the menu " I offer my experience to join a consortium." please fulfill the form explaining in detail your field of competence.



In the CoopSudoe search engine, you can consult the published ideas and experience proposals. To access the existing offers, you have to select one of the two options. If you wish, you can filter by specific objective or origin of the project leader.