Interreg Sudoe - Programme Sudoe Interreg

Priority axis 3

Priority axis 3


Low-carbon economy

Contributing to a higher efficiency of the energy efficiency policies

The priority axis 3, Low-carbon economy, is one of the five priority axis of the Interreg Sudoe Programme.


Because the construction sector has an important role in the economy of the Sudoe space, especially in Spain, whilst the buildings mean near a half of all the energy consumption and they are the origin of 1/3 of the greenhouse gases.


Improving energy efficiency policies and the use of renewable energy sources in public buildings and housing through the implementation of networks and joint experimentation.

Types of projects

  • Stimulating the transferring of innovation and its assessment and application.
  • Promoting the modification of the behaviour of decision-makers, economic actors and the general public.
  • Creation of observation and analysis tools. 
  • Support for energy saving projects in public buildings and homes.
  • Actions in favour of the improved use of renewable energy sources in buildings and housing.


Public bodies, economic operators, companies, clusters and poles of competitiveness specialising in energy and ICTs applied to building, eco-construction or ecological engineering.

Percentage of the total budget


15.6 million Euros


  Research and innovation




  Competitiveness of SMEs



  Low-carbon economy



  Combating climate change



  Environment and resource efficiency