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The programming of the first Sudoe 2021-2027 projects is confirmed!

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At its meeting on 5 December 2023, the Monitoring Committee decided to approve 2 projects and approved 32 others with conditions.

The Monitoring Committee met again this morning to discuss the 32 projects. Amongst these, 29 had been approved and the Committee had deferred its decision for 3 other projects.

The decisions of the Monitoring Committee are available in the list at the end of this article. 

The 29 main beneficiaries of the approved projects will receive an official notification of the decision of the Monitoring Committee in the coming days and the 3 main beneficiaries of the deferred projects will be contacted by the Joint Secretariat.

You will soon be able to learn more about the challenges that these projects will face in the following three years, as their presentation sheets will be available on the Program's website.

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The decisions of the Monitoring Committee are available in this list.