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Sudoe News

The 144 main beneficiaries will receive a notification regarding the decision of the Monitoring Committee.

Categoría Management of projects approved

Once the ranking of the projects for the 1st phase of the first call has been published, the main beneficiaries will receive a notification from eSudoe2127, informing them about the evaluation of their proposals.

Each main beneficiary, registered in eSudoe, will receive an automatic notification containing the total score obtained out of 100 points for its project, as well as the detailed score at the level of the four evaluation criteria of the first phase, namely relevance to the project, added value to the cooperation, intervention logic of the project and relevance of the consortium.

A summary of the evaluation will complete the details of the score obtained for all the projects authorised or not authorised to proceed to the second phase. Ineligible or ineligible projects will receive an explanation of their status.

The same notification letter explains the appeal process, whereby each main beneficiary, on behalf of the project consortium, may, within a specified period of time, submit a disagreement to the Monitoring Committee if it does not agree with the final decision taken by the Monitoring Committee.

For its part, the Joint Secretariat will not provide any further information by telephone until the notifications have been sent to all lead beneficiaries.