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First call for proposals Intereg Sudoe 2021-2027

Categoría Sudoe 2021-2027

The authorities of the Project Interreg Sudoe are working in all the needed documents to start the communication of the oficial text related to the first call for proposals of Interreg Sudoe 2021-2027. The dissemination of the documents are thoguth to be spred by November 2022.

By the moment, you can check all the information published since July 2022:

  • The first call for projects will be open for the priorities of the program except for SO 4.1 and ISO 6.6.
  • The available budget fo the first call reaches the 45% of FEDER funding in the programme.
  • The call will be developed in two phases.

When the call will be officially launched, you will have access to the following documents:

  • The oficial text of the call.
  • The candidacy kit.
  • SUDOE guide.

These documents will be available in the three different languages of the programe (Spanish, French and Portuguese).

In the meantime, you can check all the presentations made in the pre-launching event to get further information.