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Inka & Faith from Gibraltar share with us why it is important to cooperate against climate change

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For 2018, the Interreg South West calendar counted on the cooperation of several kids from France, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom (Gibraltar) who shared with us drawings about their vision on the financed projects and the transnational cooperation within Southwestern Europe.

Carla, Marco, Inés, Ángela, Sara, Hector, Faith, Miguel, Ana, Jules, Francesca, Irene and Inka are convinced: yes indeed, transnational cooperation is reaaly important! And we had the luck to count on their cooperation as representative of the new Sudoe generations to illustrate our 2018 calendar with drawings on both the objectives and financed projects of the programme.

In this context, last 23th February, the Government of Gibraltar organized an event to introduce those calendars to the St Bernard school students who actively took part in the design of this product with drawings on the CLIMACT project linked to climate change. The presentation has been very welcomed by the young local artists and has been widely covered by the local media.

This initiative is the starting point of new communication actions of the programme addressed to the young generations as such as a new web section which will be launched in March and will be a platform in order young people to share their vision on South West area.

From the joint Secretariat we would like to thank all the artists for their great pieces of art and we really hope to keep their support in order to build Europe!